WorkWrite HR

Do your people love to come to work? Does your organization have the “right” policies, procedures and processes to support the work culture you desire? Are your systems for hiring, orientation, employee and leadership development, performance management, and employee exits as effective as you need them to be?

WorkWrite Consulting can help you pursue the “right” workplace culture for your organization, with the systems and processes that underpin your shared values, mission, vision and philosophy. Working in all areas of Human Resources, we specialize in:

Recruitment & Hiring 

  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment and Recruitment Resources
  • Employee Selection
  • Offers of Employment
  • Employment Contracts
  • New Employee Orientations

Culture & Development

  • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®) Assessments and Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Policies, Procedures and Employee Handbooks
  • Total Rewards/Total Compensation
  • Organizational Career Management
  • Performance Planning and Management
  • Employee and Executive Learning Plans

Workplace Wellness

  • Workplace Health Checks
  • Return to Work Case Management
  • Accommodation for Disabilities
  • Mental Health in the Workplace

The Tough Stuff

  • Progressive Discipline
  • Employment Termination Preparation
  • Outplacement Counselling and Employment Transition Support