Writing for organizations and individuals, supporting businesses to work "right", and helping people to find their "right" work.

Are you doing the work you love? Are your interests, skills, personality and values aligned with your work and your life? Do you long for a new career direction? Do you need different work to accommodate a medical condition or disability?

Do your people love to come to work? Does your organization have the “right” policies, procedures and processes to support the work culture you desire? Are your HR systems — for hiring, engaging, and retaining great people — meaningful and effective?

How does the written word reflect on you or your organization? Are you presenting the image you want in your online presence or in hard copy documents? Is there compelling substance in what you write? Do your writing projects achieve your intended purposes?

Josephine McNeilly

Established in 2011 on beautiful Vancouver Island, WorkWrite Consulting is owned and managed by Josephine McNeilly. Josephine has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and HR Management) and designations as a Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) and Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR). She is currently undertaking a Master of Rehabilitation Counselling program through the University of Sydney, Australia.

With a background in government consulting, non-profits, and the business world, Josephine has almost two decades of experience in human resources, career transitions, return-to-work processes, and workplace leadership. She also has two decades of experience in writing and editing documents including funder reports, resources for the non-profit sector, career transition and organizational development materials, onsite and web-based interactive workshop modules, HR documentation, and proposals.

Josephine enjoys facilitating meaningful connections between people and the work for which they were made.

WorkWrite engages highly experienced contractors as needed for specialty areas of service in human resources and career transition consulting.

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